Brings great advantages to your organisation in a changing world, not only plugging gaps but more importantly adding capacity, increasing flexibility and saving on costs.

The strategic use of experienced consultants enables an organisation to sustain a lean, highly focused core management team, safe in the knowledge that highly experienced professionals can be brought in as and when problems or market opportunities arise or for one-off business improvement projects. The use of Consultants delivers real results in a variety of business scenarios involving growth or change. Operational and Strategic Development (Business and Coaching)

  • Strategic and financial management
  • Human Resource Management/ Leadership
  • Process & Policies
  • Disability Sport
  • Constitution and contract review
  • Facilitation¬†
  • Partnership /Relationship Management Projects
  • Programme Development and Review
  • Clarification and Comparative analysis projects
  • Tertiary and Adult Education
  • Use and development of facilities
  • Constitution and contract review
  • Funding allocation
  • Mentoring and Life Coaching
  • Ethics & Code of Conduct Workshops
  • Universal Design
  • And much more